The voice of the Dental Manufacturing Industry to all constituencies on matters of global concern.

Oral health – the window to systemic health.

We are here

to coordinate

the joint international interests and benefits of the regional member industry association; to represent their interests before goverments and professional dental organizations, including international dental organizations such as the FDI World Dental Federation, its working groups and corporate partners.

The international Standards Organization ISO/TC 106, and other international medical device regulator forums.

to recognize

coordinate and work with international dental exhibition organizers with the aim to maximize the efficiency and viability of exhibitions for both attendees and exihibitors.

to develop

regular communications and an exchange of information within the member associations, dental manufacturing industry and distribution industry. Work with FDI on AWDC, Annual World Dental Congress, through regular FDI – idm Executives meetings.

to advise

member associations regarding contemplated and actual regulatory changes in any part of the world and to provide a vehicle for coordinated response when appropriate.

to challenge

member associations for more communication between idm members, more active involvement, and communicate informed responses.